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Division: Market Research

A leading hospital in UAE requested a ‘stakeholders satisfaction’ study, the stakeholders included; employees, inpatients and outpatients.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Study for leading UAE hospital

Client Requirement

  • The client required detailed satisfaction survey for inpatients and outpatients who used the hospital in the last 14 days as well as all full time employees.
  • The objective of the study was to measure overall satisfaction of stakeholders, identify strengths and weaknesses, operational issues, areas for improvement, etc.


  • 1,500 Computer Assisted Personal (CAPI) for inpatients and outpatients. Online - self completed survey for Employees
  • Overall satisfaction index of satisfaction, satisfaction scores for main dimensions of service or employment, and areas for improvement.
  • Analysis of satisfaction by service center, department, nationality, income group, etc.

Business Impact

  • The client used the findings of the report to set up roadmap for improvement and benchmark point for further development.
  • The client used the final report as the basis for developing appropriate plan for improvement.