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Division: Market Research

A luxury auto brand requested a mystery shopper program for its showrooms in UAE against a selected set of competitors.

Mystery shopping Program for luxury auto brand

Client Requirement

  • Client needed guidance regarding its showrooms in 6 national markets vs. competitors.
  • Created an objective rating matrix for indicators of showroom effectiveness.


  • Ratings of showrooms in each market vs. competitors in product segment: Location, Visibility,Travel time and speed
  • Location identification for new showrooms.
  • Prioritize national markets for business development.
  • Identify under-served customer segments and how to communicate to the segments on the macro-level.

Business Impact

  • Client invested in new showroom in locations to higher traffic areas and better visibility.
  • Increased training for showroom personnel.
  • Modified showroom communication strategy and re-configured showroom product mix in select markets to cater to national women.
  • Client implemented most recommendations, expanded its client base and experienced increased regional sales.