Strategy & Transformation

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy: Operations and Growth Strategy (organic and inorganic growth) develop long-term plans and frameworks intended to achieve a competitive advantage over other industry players, while fulfilling promises to both customers/clients and stakeholders.

Target Operating Model (TOM)

Target Operating Model (TOM) facilitates the implementation of a corporate strategy or vision by converting them into business operations.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience provides a 360-degree view and customer-centric approaches that assist corporates in delivering a customer experience that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

Strategic initiatives Management

Strategic Initiatives Management translates strategies, plans, and visions into practical applications.

Corporate / Departments Objectives

Corporate/Department Objectives convert specific goals sought by corporates/departments into measurable objectives.

Strategy Management Office Services (SMO)

Strategy Management Office Services (SMO) manage the entire strategy process of corporates from development to execution.

Corporate Balanced Score Card / Performance evaluation

Corporate Balanced Scorecard/Performance Evaluation evaluates the achievements of strategic and operational performance metrics in comparison to identified targets.

Capability / Maturity Assessment Transformation Management

Capability/Maturity Assessment Transformation Management assesses corporates' preparedness for certain action models for transformational plans.

Project Management Office Services (PMO)

Project Management Office Services (PMO) offer services to define, maintain and ensure project management standards across corporates based on best practices.

Transformation Management Office Services (TMO)

Transformation Management Office Services (TMO) lead complex initiatives on both strategic and operational levels.