UAE companies urged to brace for Wannacry Cyber Attack

UAE companies urged to brace for Wannacry Cyber Attack

July 9, 2017

In today's digital age & environment, nothing seems to be safe. Cyber-attacks are no longer just a threat; they have become a harsh reality which leaves the corporate world in constant fear of being attacked digitally. Malicious virus & cyber-attacks like Ransomware & most recently, Wannacry have affected organizations across the world locking people out of their data & demanding they pay a ransom or lose everything.

UAE companies have been urged to be on an alert after one of the worlds’ largest ever cyber-attacks ‘Wanacry’ has affected computer systems in more than 100 countries. According to an Internet Security Threat Report by a leading antivirus software company, the UAE is the second-most targeted country for ransomware after Saudi Arabia in the Middle East & Africa in 2016*.

So what can you do to prevent a cyber- attack or reduce the damage once the attack has taken place? Here is a list of things that should be kept in mind.

  • Update your system & patches: An outdated system is always vulnerable to malware whereas updated software will take care of most vulnerabilities. ‘Wannacry’ affected systems with an outdated version of Microsoft windows. Always check with your IT team for updates.
  • Think before you click: Majority of hackers use a click & bait approach. Users click on infected email or download infected attachments which give access to the hackers. Make sure you know the sender before you open an email. If you find the email subject or sender suspicious, inform your IT team.
  • Inform your IT department: Don’t wait & watch or try to fix a virus by yourself. Every second is important once the system gets affected. Your IT team should be informed as soon as possible to control & reduce the damage.
  • Backup: Make sure to have a backup on a frequent basis. Once data has been encrypted, it is unlikely you will get your data back.
  • Have a Business Continuity Management plan: A BCM plan will help you with a step by step approach in preventing a digital attack or reducing the damage after the attack. It will also help with a data recovery plan. BCM can be easily managed through automated software like ClearView which is a record 5 time winner of Global Best Business Continuity Management Software award.

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