Mystery shoppers reveal much more than you think!

Mystery shoppers reveal much more than you think!

April 11, 2017

Do you work in an industry where exceptional customer experience is the key? Do you wonder how your customers feel about your business? Do you want to know about their journey, or the effectiveness of your employees? If the answer to above questions is yes then you need mystery shopping!

Mystery shopping is a research tool used by companies in all sectors to gain in-depth knowledge of their services, product quality and operations. Companies hire people who visit their stores/offices and act as a customer. They interact with the staff, evaluate them on basis of criteria set by the company and give their reports upon completion of the visit. Some may think that mystery shopping only covers finding out if the staff was polite, if they greeted the customer and if the facilities were clean! Mystery shopping, if done properly, can reveal much more than you think. Let’s take a look at how mystery shopping can add value to your business:

  • Customer Experience: Reveal the actual customer experience! Mystery Shoppers will use different scenarios and random scheduling of visits to cover peak and off-peak times. You would be able to measure whether the services provided adhere to company & market standards and accordingly identify defects & flows.
  • Employee Effectiveness: You have trained your employees and set standards for them to comply with, but how do you know if they are applying the knowledge? A mystery shopping program can enable you to find out how effective the training has been. Additionally it can help you find out how your employees respond to the customers in different situations.
  • Online presence: In today’s day and age, a strong online presence has become critical as customers prefer to connect with you through your website or other digital channels. You cannot afford to have broken links or errors on your sites. With mystery shoppers, you can evaluate your customer’s online experience and test the responsiveness of your platforms.
  • Pricing Analysis: Mystery shoppers can collect prices for items displayed in stores or services offered. Find out how much retailers are selling your products for. Thinking of launching a new product or service? Discover the existing prices in the market and plan out your pricing strategy.
  • Success of promotional campaigns: You have come up with an amazing promotional campaign and have spent lots of money to advertise and promote it. A mystery shopping program can assist in understanding how your customers and prospects respond to your promotional efforts. Is the marketing collateral placed correctly? Is it the staff communicating about the campaign properly? Or is it the product or service that is of no interest?
  • Competitor Assessment:Mystery shopping can help in identifying what it is that your competitor is doing right. From staff proficiency to product quality, a mystery shopping program can find out exactly how your customers and prospects feel about your business compared to your competitors and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Mystery shopping sounds easy and fun but it is a serious job. Companies are using it to improve their business and gain a competitive edge based on the feedback they receive. Well trained and experience mystery shoppers are valuable human assets for carrying out mystery shopping assignments to the highest standards.

Ventures Middle East is an international management consulting company providing strategic business advisory services across the GCC and wider MENA region. We have cumulative knowledge and experience that can meet your requirements for mystery shopping assignments. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help meet your mystery shopping needs. Write to us at or

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