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The Market  Research Division provides an extensive array of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research services for organizations in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our Market Research division has one of the largest independent field-forces in the UAE with over 200 interviewers and different profiles of mystery shoppers who operate in the UAE, GCC and wider MENA region.


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Automotive |FMCG | Financial | Electric & Electronics | Government | Healthcare | Pharmaceutical | Information Technology | Luxury goods | Media | Retail | Telecommunications | Travel and Tourism | Tobacco VME has state of the art Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and focus group facilities in addition to high capabilities in Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) and web-based interviews using PC or mobile. service model


We know that quality is only achieved by conformance to specific and measurable standards.   quality assurance We like to work closely with our clients to ensure that every project commissioned meets the agreed needs and provides action-oriented management information. We make sure that we deliver quality at each and every phase of a project.


We have seasoned professionals with backgrounds in statistical sciences, but with hands-on business experience in a full array of analytical techniques including:
- Customer satisfaction modeling                         - Employee satisfaction modeling
- Corporate reputation modeling                            - Brand map
- Bi-plot                                                                       - Advertising efficiency
- Van Westendorps price sensitivity                      - Buying response randomized test
- Scalar conjoint                                                        - Attributable effect
- Jaccard coefficient                                                - Advertising efficiency
- Segmentation

Client’s specific research requirements are fulfilled through the careful selection of analyses from a 30+ statistical techniques universe and the formation of a customized portfolio. The aim is always to provide clients with true insights.  


We utilize every opportunity to become a strategic business partner whose task is not only delivering data, but also helping the client to succeed in the marketplace through a better informed decision-making process. We can add value to potential partners by having:
  • Local presence which provides us with a thorough understanding of the countries, culture and the people
  • Accumulated knowledge gained over more than 15 years of working in the region and from our extensive experience that allows us to design the most cost-effective research approaches
  • A dedicated team of client service executives with wide qualitative and quantitative research experience.
  • Full capability of providing tailor-made research solutions that are suitable to clients’ needs
  • A close working relationship to ensure the delivery of insightful and relevant business solutions

Featured case study

Mystery shopping Program for luxury auto brand

A luxury auto brand requested a mystery shopper program for its showrooms in UAE against a selected set of competitors.

Client Requirement
  • Client needed guidance regarding its showrooms in 6 national markets vs. competitors.
  • Created an objective rating matrix for indicators of showroom effectiveness.

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Mystery shopping Program for luxury auto brand


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