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A product by Ventures Middle East, Ventures ONSITE has been a market leader in tracking construction projects for more than 15 years. The subscription-based service provides in-depth and up-to-date coverage of key Middle East and North African (MENA) construction projects and information of companies and decision makers involved. In addition, Ventures ONSITE allows its users to convert the data into statistical charts and graphs, making it a critical decision-support tool for individuals, companies and organizations that directly or indirectly target the region’s construction industry.

Ventures ONSITE's comprehensive data bank will not only help you find and select the right projects for your business, but also provide a chance to explore project opportunities  in new countries or industries.

The Ventures ONSITE Advantage

          • Keep track of current and future project opportunities with stage by stage progress updates
          • Capture project information in their early planning & design stages
          • Track tendering process for consultancy and contracting packages
          • Have access to premium construction industry reports
          • Generate industry statistics on past and future trends
          • Stay informed of hotel refurbishment projects
          • Understand construction market dynamics and monitor your industry and your competitors
          • Gain enough lead time to make informed strategic decisions

Who benefits from Ventures Onsite?

Individuals, companies and organizations who are directly or indirectly involved in the construction industry and work to win more contracts.
          • Contractors
          • MEP & Other Sub-Contractors
          • Suppliers
          • Consultants
          • Project Owners
          • IT and Telecommunication Firms
          • Banks & Insurance Companies
          • Lawyers
          • Trade Commissions and Embassies

Industries Covered

          • Buildings
          • Infrastructure
          • Oil & Gas
          • Industrial
          • Power & Water
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Featured case study

Market Study for building construction materials in the UAE

The client required a detailed market study of the UAE new building construction market and also the company's position in the market.

Client Requirement
  • The client required a detailed market study of the UAE new building construction market.
  • The study also required to identify the company's position in the market in the following segments: wiring devices, cable management and lighting controls.

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Market Study for building construction materials in the UAE


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