Human Capital
(People & Organization)

Organization Design

Organization Design offers analysis on corporate needs and identify gaps between their current state and future goals. Provide organizational design recommendations to bridge any gaps.

Strategic Workforce Planning (Manpower Planning)

Strategic Workforce Planning (Manpower Planning) determines the right number and type of personnel needed for each role to ensure that corporate goals are met.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits helps develop appropriate frameworks and methodologies for employee compensation and benefits that align with best practices.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning helps identify and develop employees with the potential to fill critical leadership roles in the future.

Assessment Services

Assessment Services evaluates employee skills, abilities, and performance to identify areas for improvement that will help corporations achieve their future plans.

Employee Transition Management

Employee Transition Management streamlines all processes involved in personnel transitions, and develop mechanisms for smooth transitions.

Performance Management

Performance Management offers services to manage and improve employee performance by setting individual and team goals aligned with corporate strategy.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services identifies potential candidates to fill corporate vacancies and meet business needs.

Private Tax Services

Private Tax Services helps corporations align their tax strategies with their business objectives.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis helps identify the type of training required and provide recommendations for effective training implementation.

Change Management

Change Management provides a systematic approach and application of knowledge, tools, and resources to manage change within an organization.

Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services assists corporations in moving employees to offices in different locations around the world.