Digital Partner

Digital Partners

At Ventures Middle East, we leverage cutting-edge digital tools to provide comprehensive market research, advisory, and business consultancy services. Our suite of digital tools ensures we deliver accurate, timely, and actionable insights to our clients. Here are the key digital products that empower our services:

Market Research: Digital Partners

Our Market Research Division (MRD) leverages innovative digital solutions to provide detailed, data-driven insights. These tools help us deliver comprehensive market analyses and strategic recommendations tailored to your business needs.


AI-powered Experience Management solution that provides best-in-class solutions for Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Digital Research.



Customer Engagement Solutions for Sales, Service & Collections. Ameyo offers a CX rich solution that is scalable, easy to use, agent-friendly yet affordable. Ameyo being a platform build to solve all the customer experience problems offers a robust Contact Center Solution. The solution aims to enable all organizations – SMEs or Enterprises in managing their customer interactions along with getting rid of the siloed operations and workforce management.



World-leading experience and research technology. The most powerful, flexible, connected, and most reliable experience & research tech platform.



Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Alida helps customer-obsessed brands transform customer, product, employee, and brand experience with Alida TXM.

Advisory Services: Digital Partners

Our Advisory Division utilizes advanced digital platforms to enhance strategic planning and risk management. These solutions ensure we offer precise, actionable advice and maintain operational efficiency for our clients’ diverse challenges.


Riskonnect’s Business Continuity and Crisis Management software helps you conduct business impact analyses, engage stakeholders, comply with regulations, and continuously improve your readiness. Instantly turn plans into actionable checklists, mobilize your response team, and get stakeholders on the same page