Market Research Services


Mystery shopping is a research tool used by companies in all sectors to gain in-depth knowledge of their services, product quality and operations. Companies are using it to improve their business and gain a competitive edge based on the feedback they receive.


Well trained and experienced mystery shoppers are valuable human assets for carrying out these assignments to the highest standards. We have cumulative knowledge and experience that can meet your requirements for any mystery shopping assignments. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help meet your mystery shopping needs.


Anticipating and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations are key success factors for leading organizations. This is achieved by identifying all parameters considered by each stakeholder, measuring performance, identifying and neutralizing weaknesses, capitalizing on strengths, and planning to improve performance.


Our tailored approach integrates feedback loops, proactive communication, and agile methodologies, ensuring that your organization remains responsive to evolving stakeholder needs while consistently delivering value and driving growth.


Advertisement evaluation helps evaluate the effectiveness of a concept, idea, or campaign. It can be conducted before the concept is executed, during the campaign, or after the campaign has gone live. Ad evaluation includes standard parameters such as likeability, believability, credibility, and others.


Diagnostics are an integral part of the evaluation. It would include likes, dislikes, messages communicated, feelings aroused, and others. We provide both qualitative and quantitative ad evaluation. Our executive team is mostly Arabic speakers with international research experience.


Car clinics are part of our automotive research offering portfolio, it is a primary tool for uncovering insights on consumer response to changes in car design and prototype cars. We have wide experience gained from working with the largest car manufacturers in the world.


Our extensive experience with car clinics in GCC and automotive marketing research expertise would allow us to meet the most demanding car clinic requirements.


We provide tailored loyalty assessments with an out-of-box approach to suit every situation and deliver remedies when a situation is tough or business aids when a situation is under control.


Loyalty assessment of either the customer or employee is about assessment of the strength of a relationship and perceived value of the product/service or employment versus the cost of the product/service or benefits of employment.


Shopping is becoming more complex than ever before. Shoppers are not usually the main users of specific products or brands and consumers engage in product search on one channel and use another channel for purchase.


We help you by removing the complexity of shopping research by using a well-defined and straightforward approach by looking at the shopping habits. The shopping process is not limited to the brick and mortar store environment anymore but it does include pre-shopping and shopping list preparation.


Considering that markets are always developing as users change habits and brands change positions, a study of usage and attitudes investigates all aspects of the relationship between users, brands, and a specific product, service, or market. U & A study is a strategic tool that is conducted to identify the factors related to the usage of a product/service and the attitude of customers towards the brand.


The study usually has a wide coverage of the market and could include a large number of information areas such as awareness, frequency of purchase, frequency of use, attitude towards product/service/brand, strengths, weaknesses of offerings, lacking features, etc.


We provide qualitative and quantitative exit surveys with deep analysis for actionable results. Exit surveys can include both employee exit surveys and customer exit surveys. An exit survey is designed to collect information about reasons that made an employee or a customer leave the organization. A third neutral party is assigned the task of interviewing leaving employees or customers.


Brand positioning research is a very useful tool for brand owners in determining the performance of adopted communication and positioning strategies as well as the return on their communication and advertising expenditure.


Brand positioning research shows the position of a brand or a product in the customers’ mind in terms of quality, price, design, service, etc. compared to competitors. We provide brand positioning with precise positioning of the brand vs. its competitive set using advanced analytics.


We provide a pricing research solution for addressing price-related challenges for existing and new products and services. Pricing research deals with all price-related issues and what-if scenarios in price-driven strategy.


Determining the optimum price for a product or a service is challenging and research helps in determining it, the optimum price point is helpful for gaining market share, and maximizing revenue and profit.


Concept testing is the process of measuring consumer acceptance of a new product or idea prior to its launch. A concept test involves presenting a product description to a sample of the target audience.


Experts study their feedback and measure consumer response to the proposed idea. Concept testing includes standard parameters such as; uniqueness of the idea, newness of the idea, intention to try, perceived benefits, the believability of the claim, credibility of the brand to deliver, likes, dislikes, and expected price.


Pre and post advertisement is a research technique that helps in optimising advertisement. Pre-testing of the advertisement is designed to check potential audience reactions to the copy before it goes live.


Post-testing of the advertisement is designed to check reach, recall, and evaluate the copy performance after going live. Research can be conducted with a sample of the target audience for any type of campaign, including radio & TV ads, online ads, and print ads, using different types of research methodologies.