Ventures Connect

Ventures Connect is the partnership between Ventures Middle East and B2B Connect; two businesses committed to empowering companies across the Middle East and Africa Region while enabling critical connections with key stakeholders and decision makers across various industries.

As such Ventures Connect organizes high level conferences, forums and events across various industries focusing on trending themes and topics to keep industry professionals updated on the latest developments relevant to their business.

Construction Technology Forum 2019

CTF 2019 is the region’s only dedicated ConTech event that focuses on the wide-scale adoption of new technologies to introduce more efficiencies, reduce costs and improve monitoring and management in large-scale building projects.

Hosted by Ventures Connect, CTF 2019 will help unleash the full potential of technology by moving beyond hype and demonstrating what it can really do for today’s construction site.

Attracting more than 50 speakers and 200 delegates, it will bring together leaders from around the world to discuss real technology use cases that enable the construction industry to build projects greener, cheaper, faster and safer.